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Danielle Emery The title says it all by not saying anything at all. I cannot find the words to describe how incredible every second of India is. I'm absolutely in love with all the kids at our school. The way they run up to us and fight each other for who gets to hold your hand; the way they cheer when they see us hiking down the trail to school; the way they say "tank you" after everything; they way they all race to help me clean up my lessons; the excited look they get on their face when they understand what we're teaching them; the way they call me "Denna" or "DD"; how they constantly have the biggest smile on their face; I seriously cannot get enough. I dread the moment I have to say goodbye. I absolutely love my whole YMAD family, they are already my best friends and there is no other people I'd rather be sharing this experience with! There is never a dull moment whether we're showering in the most amazing waterfall in the middle of the Himalayan mountains or just eating din din. I never want this trip to end! Love you all back in the 801, hope all is well!

PS... I forgot in my last blog but Happy Birthday last Saturday Mom!! Love and miss you!