Insane Town

Kelly Jensen

Today we arrived in the most “insane” town that I have ever been in. We are now in the city of Agra where the TAJMAHAL is located. Our bus driver had a difficult time locating our luxurious hotel, (which makes me so happy.) that has a real toilet, and a bath tub! The color of the water is questionable, but for India, I think it’s as clean of water that India has to offer.

As we were driving around town, I saw a cage full of chickens. A man bought a chicken from the cage, and then he and the shop owner put its neck on the chopping block, and then you know the rest of the story…. After seeing what happened to that poor chicken We all witnessed a completely nude man just standing there in the middle of traffic. I’ve decided that everything goes here in India, and there is no “normal” anymore. It’s just total chaos on the roads. All the drivers just blow their horns ALL THE TIME and do whatever they want. It reminds me of the bumper cars at Lagoon, only I haven’t seen a accident yet.
Seeing the TAJMAHAL today was incredible. All the YMAD kids were having such a great time walking around and talking to people from all over the world. Blake and I were just commenting to each other how wonderful the kids have been. They all survived another overnight train ride. The train station in Deli is overwhelming because of the extreme poverty that is all around you. It’s incredible dirty, and way smelly, but the YMAD kids deal with it, and never complain, they just “cowboy up” and keep going.
Can I just say how lucky we are to live in the U.S.A. I have loved visiting India, but the living here is so hard for so many people that it becomes overwhelming to see the suffering. It makes me want to be more grateful for the life that I have been given.