India's Unfortunate Events - Marissa Anderson

India has been amazing so far. I absolutely love the village, Cotchpakur, Team Morange goes to everyday. Each day after teaching, we get to go on a tour of the village. I always have an armful of kids attached to my hands, arms, and hips, gripping onto me for dear life. I’ve made a connection with this 11 year old boy in the village, Sudip, who is extremely smart. He always escorts me through the village, teaching me Bengali words. All the people who live there are exceptionally gracious and humble as each home we go to brings out platters full of puffed rice, coconut, guava, cucumbers, and other unique foods. They literally have nothing, but would give us anything to make us feel at home and happy. Two days ago, while at one of the village homes, I felt my arm get really itchy. I looked down and saw that I was getting hives. I showed Raymo, and he said we needed to get back to the Day Boarding School as soon as possible so Cory could take a look at it. Within a matter of minutes, the few hives that I had, had transformed into huge white lumps, surrounded by fire red skin that was hot to the touch. Our translator went into the house and got some Tiger Balm to put on it. That thing is magic! Jeff Lunt went into panic mode. I’m pretty sure he was a billion times more worried about my arm than I was. He hurried and got his shoes on, and had me run through the village with him to get back to the car. He yelled at everyone who wasn’t running, fearful I wouldn’t make it to Cory alive... It was pretty hilarious!

I have made a promise that I would try every single food that I’ve had the opportunity to. I was bound to get sick at one time or another from the questionable things I was consuming, and I did! I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach, and boy was I tossing cookies. It was awful! I didn’t want to miss the cultural exchange today, so the leaders packed up my bed and took it to the school. I participated in the singing and dancing, but afterwards I felt like crap. Janessa also got sick so we went down to one of the classrooms and it became our little infirmary. Kelly also joined us as she got sick too. It was no fun at all! Shindia was definitely happening! Mom and Dad- don’t worry! I almost died, but I didn’t!! Plus I have some pretty awesome parents to take care of me here! They are amazing!

Hope all is well at home! I’m having the time of my life here! Don’t have too much fun without me.