Indiana Jones

I woke up this morning to, “chia tea, chai tea, chai tea?” and then Derrick telling everyone we had 10min to wake up and get packed up because our stop was next. (we’re on a our over night train.) after all this commotion I finally connected my head to my body and realize my collar bones are killing! That’s due to the fact that I slept on my back pack (as a pillow) so no one would pick pocket my stuff. We had slept 10 hours on a train across India. We then arrived in Pathankot, or so it says on our schedule because I tried to ask Raj (our translator) where we were and I couldn’t really understand what he was saying. After taking a quick bathroom break (squat toilets woo!!) we exited the train station and walked over to 4-5 jeeps ( take the Jurassic park jeeps and paint them tan with smaller windows and that’s them.) we piled in and we were off! After about 30 min into the drive we pulled into what was kinda a version of an Indian country club. Here we ate breakfast and watched the sun rise from the top of a golf coarse. It was amazing, beautiful, and breath taking. This is where I felt like my Indian adventure begins. Back into the cars and not long after, the roads start to get tiny that curve unceasingly all while motorcycles, cars, and trucks (the size of fire trucks) honk their horns and squeeze by us with literally centimeters to spare. Then take a look to your left and down into a thousand foot drop with nothing but air between you and the falling off. But the indian drivers haven’t’ known anything else so I trust them w/ my life literally. The scenery? How do I try to explain this to you guys back home with out butchering? We stopped a few times at tiny shops carved into the side of the mountains, inches from the road side. At one of these we (me and maddie) bought a bunch of different Indian candy to try. Lets just say Indian candy is different. The first thing I tried was basically one of those powdered blocks you use in cooking to add chicken flavor to the food. That and a combination of poop… but we did find a few kinds we liked. After our 6 hour jeep ride through the foot hills of the Himalayas we arrive in chamba town. ( never has 6 hours gone by so fast. Looking out the dirty windows of the jeep was well… the only way to put it was a feast for my eyes. Its amazing! With the loud traffic horns, small streets, road side shops filled with fruits and bags of spices and grain. The people and buildings are so incredibly colorful. As I pass by a little limka stand the man standing behind the stand smiles and waves, “hello, hello, USA.” It makes me laugh! The people here are so curious and friendly! I have so much more to write but it’s late and I’m sure all the other parents are way more interested in what their kids have to say. So I love you family and friends back home! J --renae