Indian Clubbing - Abigail

Honestly, it’s hard to talk about this experience. Words can’t express what you feel every day. It’s like an out of body dream where you just can’t believe the kind of feelings that you have every day. Though there are many touching experiences every day that I feel with each of the village families and the day boarding school girls, it’s nice to wind down each day with a wild ride home while blasting Indian techno. It’s like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, but on raging steroids. Even though half of your body could be chopped off with one foul swoop of a truck whizzing by, it feels good to hang your body out the window after a long day of sweating constantly. We do our best to use all the Bollywood dance moves that we know, but we end up making our own. As we cruise and swerve through the streets every Indian person on the side of the road can’t help but stare at the crazy Americans packed into an SUV and dancing their hardest. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, and you really get to see everyone’s true colors. Robbie uses the moves he’s learned from the girls, Jenna whips her hair like a mane while Adam controls the radio and our driver just rolls his eyes at our constant partying. But we don’t mind, it’s just another way to cope with the insane driving. I love it, and nothing will beat the dance party in the back of those TATAs (I promise it’s a brand of car).