DSC_0037 In the wise words of the leprechaun on the cover of the cereal box for Lucky Charms, “Their after my lucky charms.”  I wrote that quote because I am now thinking the cumbersome thought that I will be without cereal for two weeks.  But enough complaining, I have wonderful things to tell.  I love India.  I love the people they are so friendly.  I love the food.  I love the schools.  And I love the orphanages.  We got to meet the kids that we are going to be teaching for the next couple of days, and they are awesome.  They hardly know any English, but this is good; we have a blank canvass.  I am excited for the work that we are doing and I know that it will make a difference.  Traveling was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaking awesome.   I had privilege to sit next to two freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaking awesome bros, Dylan Gillette and James Gessel.   On the long flight from San Francisco to Korea we delighted in playing Insaniquarium one of the most intense action thriller games this world has to offer.  You must feed your fish food pellets and every so often an alien comes by and eats all of your freeeeeeeeeeeeaking guppies.  But enough of insaniquarium, I’d now like to talk about the kids that I met today.  They were all so crazy; I don’t think I’ve ever loved a group of people so much in such a short period of time.  They are smart, sneaky, playful, and dish out really good high fives.   I’m not kidding about the high fives, you people back home could learn a thing or two from these kids.  One of the many aspects of this trip that I have enjoyed thoroughly is the fact I’ve been phoneless for the past three days, and will remain phoneless for the next two weeks.  Life is too amazing to shut out by phones.  So next time you are playing llama duck on your iphone, or texting up storms when you are in good company, I invite you to through your phone at a wall, a concrete wall, making sure that your throw is hard and swift.  Actually you’d probably better not do that, your mom would be pissed, your friends will laugh at you, and without your phone you are powerless to order pizza and take-out.  Phones are good but only in moderation.  I promise that when it comes to phones if you keep yourself in check you will be a lot happier.    Shout out to Jesse Cowden otherwise known as the Pen Dragon.   He will be blogging tomorrow be sure to check that out.