India Makes Me Laugh - Justin Spangler

IMG_3194 Howdy y’all this is Justin Spangler. INDIA INDIA INDIA….. what could I say about his place.  As I ponder what I should type for today’s message I feel that the only word that accurately describes this magical ghetto is laughter! I can’t even begin to name all the times on this trip I’ve been bent over crying with sore abs from the funny instants.

The first one experience that comes to mind happened at the New Delphi airport and when we were walking up an escalator. Tevo wanted me to rearrange a few bags that were about to fall off our luggage dolly. As I replaced them, one caught on the wall, which cause the dolly to tip over and spill bags all over. Then to add to the chaos we were coming close to the edge. Once we hit that, the second dolly, being controlled by Taylor, hit ours. Me, witnessing all this, just busts out laughing and runs over to the corner with the two bags I grab. Tevo then looks completely to blame J. I had to have been one of the funniest moments of my life.

Now lets start talking about the girls. I was the first one to teach my English workshop, which were conversations. I was a bit nervous but that feeling soon left me once we started teaching and making hand puppets. The girls were extremely adorable as the put hair, googley eye, and buttons on their puppets. Then did a show right after using the vocabulary that they learned right before.

I don’t think I have stopped hearing someone laugh since we met them. One girl named Avatika keeps showing us the most random games. One of them was a weird version of duck duck goose where we clap while she walks about then instead on patting people’s head you dropped a cup behind them. No one could ever run around because Avatika walked to be the center of attention and have everyone clap for her  so she would always take over. It was literally the cutest thing!!!

It took about 50 hours of travel time to get here but this place has been such a fun wonderful ghetto J full of crazy drivers.  Love y’all and see you in 2 more weeks!!