India is incredible. The best part, however, is our kids!

IMG_3108 From Lacey and Brooke

India is incredible. The best part, however, is our kids.

Teaching the kids has been going very well so far! Our kids are AMAZING at English. The kids have definately taught us more than we have taught them.

They taught us how to love far more than you could ever imagine.

They taught us how to be real and effective leaders.

They taught us you can be happy with nothing, and content with life in the most depressing situations; some of the happiest kids don't even have families or were given up by their parents.

The kids call us Dede, which means sister in Hindi. We have taken up the roles as protecter, family member, confidant, play-mate, and overall friend.  They have truly changed our lives forever and we will miss them dearly.

Despite the craziness of India, sometimes it is good to just sit back and take everything in.

There is NEVER a dull moment. EVER. You can always hear the horns honking, the birds chirping, and of course, our ohmies (cause OHM and HOMIE... OHMIE...get it?) constantly being insane.


Right now, we are on our way to Agra to sight see. Traveling sucks, but it will be worth it! We would much rather spend these last couple of days with our kids, but we guess seeing the Taj and riding elephants is an O.K. option... speaking as the Taj is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and all.....


Next time you will hear from us will be in person, this is the last blog for us both. See you Saturday!