India is Awesome!!!! - Taylor Stephenson

taylorsphoto Life is great, I can’t even describe how much fun we are having and how hard we are working.  We wake up in the morning work our guts out until five and then play hard the rest of the day, crash hard at night and then do it all over again.  Today was our second day working with the mountain girls and they for sure have been my favorite group to work with and the most fun to teach.  All of them want to learn English so bad.  All of them are trying so hard in all of our workshops and even after two days we have been able to see so much improvement.   There is such a wide range of girls some don’t even know the alphabet and others we struggle to find more to teach them cause they learn so fast.  Teaching has been so much fun and it will be so sad when we are done in a couple more days.

For the most part everyone is doing good, three or four of us have gotten sick but almost everyone is back up to par.  Today we had a little scare with one of the girls we were doing our creative writing workshop with all of the girls and I was up front reading them a book when all of a sudden one of them passed out.  She was out for more then a minute and she had us all worried.  Luckily we have some great medical people on out team and they got her back awake and doing good.

Life is so good and I can’t believe we only have a few days left in Chamba and then just a few more after that before we are home.  This has been such a fun experience so far the people we came with are great, the people we have met have been fantastic, and the boys and girls that we have been able to teach have changed all of our lives.

Taylor Stephenson