India is AMAZING!!!!!

India is AMAZING!!!!! I love it more and more every second that I am here. It is so beautiful, but also so dirty. I can not pick one thing that I love  most about this country, it’s just amazing. Teaching in the villages for the first time was a little stressful but it was so much fun. I taught the kids with my emergency lesson because a ton of our luggage did not arrive in India and some still hasn’t, but thats okay because everybody gets along so well and we are taking care of each other.

In my village, there were two tiny buildings which are the classrooms and a little gathering area in the middle of them. It is the cutest little school. The kids are so stinking cute. I LOVE the kids who are from the age 5 to about 10. They are the cutest kids I have ever met. Everything about them just makes them cute. In the main day boarding it was a lot easier to teach than in the villages. This little girl named Kaberi is so adorable and clinged to me as soon as we were introducing ourselves to them. She is the sassiest little girl and she makes me laugh. She was always by my side talking to me and playing with me. She made me smile and is my favorite.

This place really is so wonderful. I am in love with India. I am having the time of my life. Sorry Mom, but I don’t think that I can come home… I love it here. I love you and miss you all at home and I hope you guys are all doing fabulous.

Cole Sager