India is AMAZING!

India is amazing! Everyday that I have been here it just keeps getting better and better. Even though I am pretty sure that we are all sleep deprived, we still make it through the day. I am in the group that goes to the Mehla oshrim and it is just awesome. We all fell in love with the kids when we first saw them. As you read yesterday probably, you would understand that things were pretty hectic with our translator bringing 88 kids to our school. We pushed our way through it though and when we came back from our lunch break all the kids that were actually supposed to be there and were there the first day came running towards us screaming and yelling with joy. Wow. You have no idea what that feels like. I love Mehla and all the kids! That all happened yesterday though. Today we got go to go to a temple and the local high school. It was lots of fun and very neat, we got to sit in the schools courtyard and we took turns performing our dances and songs that we have been preparing for the past months and months and we all had a lot of fun. Then we got to go to another orphanage called Kalsui and we painted the three rooms that they sleep in. It was a lot of fun. Everyone in YMAD is bonding and just having a great time! I love you Mom, Dad, Scald, and Jack and miss everyone!

-Justin Calder