India has to be the greatest place on Earth!.

India has to be the greatest place on Earth! The conditions here might not be so great... The air is pretty bad, and the water is unsanitary, however everyone is soooo happy. People here simply work to survive and support themselves and their families. No one is trying to out do each other or stand out. I’m shocked at the kindness and love we have received constantly. I have never felt more love. After teaching in our village in the morning the teachers of the school take us on a tour. We have been able to see what it is really like to live in India. The families openly welcome us into their small homes (huts) and make us sit on their finest cloths while we eat puffed rice and fresh cocoanut while they show us their babies. They are so generous even though they have nothing. Nishta (the girls day boarding school) has been amazing as well. The girls make us feel like superstars. Yesterday we took them to Science City in Kolkata. This was exhausting trying to personally keep track of six girls the whole day... However it was totally worth it to see the girls faces light up in the dinosaur museum and imax movie. Since then we have had quite a few adventures as well... Our land rover broke down in the middle of Kolkata traffic and Stewie had to get out and somehow help the driver to get it started. Stewie is a stud, that’s all I can say. Then tonight the boys walked into town to go shopping. Normally this would have totally sketched me out, but now I’m use to it. Everyone is always moving super fast and going every direction. It’s crazy and kind of dangerous. Shopping was so much fun and I was able to bargain for an awesome outfit. The greatest challenge has been overcoming exhaustion to teach and play with the kids. I think I’ve worked so hard that I’m getting sick... But it’s worth it. Everyday is so rewarding and the kids deserve everything we can give to them. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience so far. I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! I was thinking of you while eating my usual mystery meat, curry, and rice... -Cole Childs