India blog Kayla

I am comfortable.......with being uncomfortable. Probably the best pre India advice I received. Thank you Greg. Let me explain...

No, I was not comfortable with 20 hours of flying. No, I was not comfortable finding out I was in India, and my bag in salt lake. I'm not comfortable being in the same clothes I was in Friday morning, or driving on the wrong side of the road with millions of people honking, not knowing why, or driving up the winding roads of the Himalayas- beyond car sick. I'm not comfortable. And yet, I'm okay with it. Looking at my hands, uncomfortable with how dirty they are-seriously, it's probably my biggest discomfort- I can't help but think about the kids I taught today. The smiles, and how excited they were just to meet us. They live in poverty I never could have imagined. Their living conditions are extremely undesirable. And my biggest discomfort is my dirty hands. That's when I really become comfortable with being uncomfortable. When I forget my discomfort I can really take in the beauty of Jibhi.

The people, the beautiful green terraces, the running water, the majestic mountains, my kids. I love it here.