India Blog-Jared Hall Great peoples, Great Journeys

Even though today was the first day of our work in the schools and Ashrims, I had a particular highlight that did not include the kids. Our Sahoo education team-taught at two schools. After we left the kids at Era school, we headed over to Sahoo. But unfortunately all the kids were out on vacation. We had several hours to burn so we decided as a team to walk over to the Lord Shiva Temple nearby. It is always interesting to see the reaction that the local people have to seeing white kids walking around in their village. Nick, one of the college interns who are helping our education team, showed us the temple and explained as best he could how this temple worked. The temple was very open and serene. We walked over to the shrine and saw how people prayed. The areas we are working in are very traditional; Hinduism is very widely practiced. We saw a woman pray, part of the prayer is to touch the shrine, which represents touching the foot of the Gods. This is a sign of great respect; we finally left to go back to Chamba. On the way home we drove by a shrine, which was located just off the side of the road. These roads are mountain roads mind you; someone who gets carsick easily would have a very hard time with all the switchbacks. Halfway back, our driver, Uttam stopped the car. Confused we looked up to see him praying in the car, just a quick moment of silence. When he was finished he continued on the trip again. I have realized how much people care around here. In India, especially in the country, the drivers are very considerate and thoughtful of each other on the road. This connection along with the religious beliefs of the people created such a feeling of joy and eagerness to learn more about the people and customs in India. Each of us continues each day with a hunger to learn and become part of this great country; there just is too much to take in during the time we have though.