Incredible, Amazing, Breathtaking, Beautiful! Author Unknown


India is incredible, amazing, breathtaking, beautiful... I could go on! It's way better than I ever imagined! I love everything about it! I love the crazy driving, the shops in town, the scenery, and just the culture in general! I don't want to go home! The land is so beautiful, we can show you all pictures but they just don't give it justice. The best part about being here is definitely the kids though. They are each amazing in their own way. The feeling you get after giving your whole selfless effort to them is just indescribable. Life does not get any better than this. I'm convinced. There is nothing better than having a little Indian child's hand in yours! Fundraising and preparing to get here was worth every minute of it! I wish everyone could experience this because it is really the best thing ever. Amidst the poverty, I feel like the luckiest, richest girl because I am surrounded by such amazing people, in the most beautiful place, doing incredible things. The kids LOVE learning, they value education so much and have such a drive to learn! They are so smart and have the ability to become so successful! Even though we can have somewhat of a language barrier, there is an undeniable mutual love between everyone. I LOVE INDIA.