I’m still alive...

I know you probably think I’m dead but I’m still alive... promise. I MISS you so much and i hope you guys are doing well. I love it here. I feel like I’m on the other planet. It is very different here, i have never seeing anything like this place. India is a beautiful place in its own way. But as much as I love the place i love the people, and specially the girls from Nishtha, much more.

We are staying in Nishtha house, it is way nice and people are very nice here. You know that i was nervous about the food here but I gotten used to it and actually like it now. We wake up at 6 am ( my favorite time of the day), have breakfast, and begin making our way to the morning schools. I love teaching girls in my morning school. Little by little i fall in love with them. They are beautiful and smart girls, they willing to learn anything we are teaching them. It made me realize how important education is, i know i made a big mistake skipping classes. They have nothing but they gave everything they have to us.

After teaching in our morning schools we go on our village tour. I have amazing people in my group and we have so much fun. It is very interesting to go and see how people in India make their leaving, and how happy they are with their lives and everything they have ( and they literary have nothing). People are way excited to have us to their house and say that we are like family to them, and that we are always welcome to their houses. The culture that this people have is amazing and they are way happy with who they are.

After our amazing village tour we go to teach at the day boarding school. I’m in love with this girls, it is going to be so hard to leave them on monday, and i know I’m going to cry very hard. The girls are way excited to have us there as well. They wait for us everyday and when they see us they run as hard as they can and give us a hug. They make me feel so special and loved, and I’m trying to give them everything i have. They are truly amazing and I have a lot of awesome stories to tell you about them.

I miss you so much, and especially today on Thanksgiving Day. I hope you guys are having fun and eating a lot of good food, my dinner was pretty amazing too... I love you guys and way thankful for you. You guys are great and you have no idea how much i miss you. I had a little brake down today because I miss you so much. Say hello to everyone at dinner tonight, i love them all and hope you guys are having fun.