I’M IN INDIA!!! - Judd Tidwell

I’M IN INDIA!!! It’s taken two plane flights, a bus, a train and a taxi but after 44 hours of travel we finally made it. This place is incredible. I fully anticipated a whole new culture, a new language, and new people but I could never have expected this.

We finally met the girls from the Ashram yesterday (the 7th) and were able to spend the whole day with them. We taught a few of our workshops, played soccer, ate lunch and spent the afternoon getting to know them better.
It terribly humid, im sure we have bed bugs, and the plumbing here is quite interesting but I absolutely love this place.

The highlights of my trip so far have been the blindsided hug from Jan Bibi after she won the workshop game and the sweet little kiss on the cheek I got from her little sister Anu after we took a picture together.

These girls are amazing. They have hardly anything at all but seem to be so happy and are so quick to laugh, smile, and love. I already know that leaving this place at the end of this week is going to be so hard.

I miss you all and wish you could be here to see this. Know that im safe and happier than ever. Love you mom and family. Love you alli. Until I blog again!