Katie Blog 2Have I ever told you how much I love India? When we began our adventure in the stinky, crowded, dirty, cow-ridden streets I thought to myself, "This is where it's at!" I absolutely love the people in India. They are humble, kind, and speak the language of love better than anyone I know! It has been a pleasure to be back and to work with these awesome YMAD teens! Being the intern, I have had the opportunity (and downfall) to play behind the scenes. Little do the teens know, I have seen the growth happen within them. Today I was able to go with Tracey's group to school. I witnessed Atalee, Jordan, Brigham, Kayley and Emily fall in love with the sweet children in our school as they taught their lessons. I loved being able to stand back and watch as their year worth of hard work paid off! A few highlights of the trip thus far -

  • Bringing enough protein bars that I did not have to eat the airplane food
  • Finding out I get to sleep in a room…with a FLUSHING TOILET AND SHOWER! (Most of the group are in tents…suckers :) love you!)
  • The beautiful green village of Jibhi which has a river running through it! Phil, we could move here!
  • Doing nails with all the girls in our school today. Even little Indian girls deserve some pampering.

My heart is just growing and growing! I feel like the Grinch. My heart grew two sizes today! I am looking forward to the adventures that the next two weeks bring, and watching the teens fall more in love with the awesome country that is India!

-Katie Dunn

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