I’m alive and enjoying every second of it!!

Hi Everyone!!  


I don’t even know what to say there’s so much going on here. I’ll just start off by taking about my first impression. I’ve never been anywhere out of the country or even remotely to a really poor place so when I stepped out of the airport and was kinda just like oh my where the am I? Like there’s a whole big world waiting to be explored and helped. Everywhere you look there is garbage and dogs. I don’t think I’ve ever since so many dogs in my life. Their houses look like house you made for your barbies as a kid, things you find around your house. The roads have no rhyme or reason. There’s no traffic rules at all its just the fastest cars rule the road. Everyone honks at everything like they have no reason to sometimes but they just do and every honk means something different. Nishta is on the outside of town but is still in town and its beautiful. The outside has Christmas lights hanging and it makes me so happy! Its very weird being the minority because in Utah you are the majority everywhere you go. Everyone stops and takes pictures of us or just stops and stares. This must be like what Harry Styles feels like I mean seriously EVERYONE stares. This man was driving a motorcycle and while still driving it checked me out like 3 times. I couldn’t tell you how he didn’t crash. I love my village. The people are so friendly and so welcoming to us. All the kids call me “Story” I think they are saying Tori but with their accent it sounds like story. When you arrive all the kids greet you with open arms and flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. If there isn’t a kid hanging on me or holding my hand its cause I’m holding too many flowers that they can’t hold onto me. After we teach in the villages we go on a walk through the village and go to homes of the kids that go to school there. Today we went to 3 houses and they are so welcoming. They feed us rice puff and usually a fruit, guava and coconut today. When you go into the homes they roll out rugs and have us sit but before entering the home you take or your shoes. (You take off your shoes basically everywhere you go besides walking around) They are so friendly and always tell us how happy they are that we are there. We went to one house and she was cooking a meal and from the smoke you could taste how spicy it was going to be. Can I just say (sorry fam) these kids are so stinking adorable? Don’t be surprised if Ko Hellie comes home with me. The first lesson I was teaching a girl gave me a string bracelet that has beads on it and a big bead that says ‘friends’ on it and she goes “You my best friend.” Then today Ko Hellie comes up and puts a bracelet around my head and goes “We best friend forever.” It just amazes me how happy and giving everyone is for how little they have. I know I’ve only been here for 3 days but I truly love all the indian girls and boys and just the people in general. I love the teens and leaders here with me they are all amazing and mean the world to me.



Tell grandma I haven’t been kidnapped or gone swimming. I’ve been really safe. Hope you’re having fun in Disneyland without me. Cars land wouldn’t be the same without me. I love you guys.