I thought I came to India to teach these girls, but... - Kat

I thought I came to India to teach these girls, but they’ve taught me more this week than I could ever teach them. Today we sang One Day (basically the YMAD anthem) and if you haven’t heard that song I suggest you go look it up and listen to the lyrics. I thought it was just a song, but as we sang it today in front of the girls and I watched them one by one tear up I knew it was more than that. That song perfectly explains my hopes and dreams for these girls that One Day all of their dreams will come true and their lives will be everything they imagined and more. I cried today hard and it wasn’t even the last day. Basically I’m going to be a wreck tomorrow but its completely worth it.

Mom and Dad you thought I was bad at driving you should come to India where they don’t drive on the left or the right they drive on both and some how they manage not to get in as many crashes as they should, so far I’m fine and no cars in India have flipped yet. I miss you all and love you so much. PS: Stacie and Sarah some of my girls know you guys and they were thrilled to find out we are family.