I love so many things, places, people.

David Shaw

I love.

I love so many things, places, people.

This world has so much to offer, so much to give, so much to learn.

This last week I have learned about another culture, another language, my teammates, and myself. If I had not attended our first YMAD meeting in the church in the dip, I wouldn’t have realized that vegetables aren’t as bad as I thought, YES MOM, I AM eating. I’ve had more vegetables this week than I have my entire life. I’ve been good on health, except for two days ago when I developed this crazy infection in my mouth, the skin on the inside of my lip and lower gums became gray and squishy, I could move it around like playdough, it really was pretty cool. Turns out it was only caused from the canqer medicine that I used, it may be expired and had some wacky side effects.


I love the mountains.

I love the weather.

I love the people of India.

I love mo-mos

I love teasing people.

I love sleep.

I love limca.

I love car rides in the country.

I love name brand knock offs.

I love Good day, Tiger, and Bourbon.

I love Zulfa and Reshma.

I love my Mom and Dad. And their support.

I love the Church.

I love the Scriptures.

I love India.

If I hadn’t gone to the meeting, I wouldn’t have the love I have for these things I do now. Everything has been changed over the last year in preparation for the work that we are performing right now. I love Serving others, in this I find my happiness, a self-less life, is a life gained. I love service. I love kindness. I love others.

I love, love.