I love it here and I’m never going home! - Bronte

I love it here and I’m never going home! Never have I felt so much love and appreciation in my life. The girls I teach have welcomed me excitedly and immediately made me an important part of their lives. The children and families of Bamangachhi, my village, are so grateful that we would choose to help them and have come to teach their children. Although it’s difficult to hold such a God like position in their eyes, I know that we are blessing in their lives and are providing countless opportunities for their future. It is beautiful that a stranger could hold such a large place in someone’s heart. Touring the villages and teaching in the schools has taught me an amazing lesson in unconditional love. This is an indescribable experience and a beautiful blessing in my life! I’ve never experienced so much joy and fulfillment than these past few days. I’m healthy, happy, and full of food. I think my heart will forever be in India! Love, Bronte