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Well, I've been robbed. I was at our school, and the most important thing I brought with me was stolen. You just never know who you can trust. I mean, I thought I was just playing with the kids and teaching them. But no. They had to go and start stealing. These 2 little girls, Monika and Ukti…..they stole my heart. I am absolutely in love with them.

I can't even describe the joy I feel when I'm with them. I've literally only been with them a  week, and I care about these 2 five year olds so much. Their smiles are the only thing I want to see.

At school there was this time I was inside and cleaning stuff up and every other person was outside. And eventually I heard these two little voices cry out "Kaaallleeeeeebbbb!!!" And I stepped out and Ukti and Monika saw me and immediately sprinted over as fast as they could and jumped in my arms and I was greeted with the happiest, cutest words I've ever heard! "Found you!!!" Ahhhhh I was so happy!!! They have to be in my arms all the time. The cutest is when they say my name fast and it sounds like they're saying K-Love. I'm just a big softy.

I couldn't fall asleep for awhile last night because it was one of the coldest nights we've had, and I just prayed they weren't somewhere shivering and  cold. I cannot think about anyone else. Mom, Dad, put up the bunk bed, I'm bringing them home with me.

India is spectacular. Last night, we went over to the Jibhi school, and there they have a cricket court and a full length basketball court. We ended up playing a basketball game against the locals for a couple hours. They were great passers, awkward shooters, and pretty big cherry pickers. Ha's. The hoops were super rickety and probably 10'6" and had no nets, I just assumed I made it because I couldn't really tell.

If anyone wants to find out what brings true happiness. Come spend a day with the people here. The smallest child here could teach anyone what it is. All it takes is humility.

Also, I got dope socks. Mom, Dad, this dope means swag, not drugs. Mom, Dad, swag means dope, not what you think. I hope that clears things up. If not…….oh well.

Thermals saved my life. And gummy worms. Always have gummy worms. That's solid life advice. I'd write that down.


Shout out to washing machines and heaters. And nutella.

(PS: The two girl are Monika and Ukti. Monika is on the left. Ukti is the right. Cute right?)

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