I don't fricken know, it's the most random thing of my life

Since I hate anything to do with reading or writing this blog is not going to be anything professional. I’m just gonna stick with bullet points about classic weird random things that have happened.

  • First of all while flying on over to India I got the weirdest rash all around my ankles. It was so painful and stung so bad. But Brexton was my hero and had some wonderful magically cream in his backpack that saved my life on the plane ride. (shout out to Mama Bennett for packing it)
  • A classic story which I found hilarious (probably cause I was going insane from all the flying) happened in the Hong Kong airport. Keaton opened his water bottle which he had already drank half of and the water was DISGUSTING. There was all this black stuff just floating around in it. For some odd reason I found it really entertaining and jokingly said I would talk about it in my blog. So here ya go keato .
  • Our blue team translator is classic. We gave him the nickname of Yoda. He always says hilarious things. My favorite quote from him is “Dave is just so cute. He is like a giant teddy bear.” TRUE.
  • Lexi made up a drinking game to keep me hydrated. I read a letter from my sister every night and anytime it says the words India, love, or kids I have to take a sip of my water.
  • I discovered that I love coconuts and mini bananas!! (those two things are basically the only food I like) The people in our village always feed them to us when we visit their houses.
  • Riding in a tata is CRAZY! 99.9% of time you think you are about to get into a crash and everyone is constantly honking so when I come home and start honking a lot you’ll know why.
  • Ahpita (a girl I teach) gave me her hair clips. So I will be wearing those in my hair for the rest of forever.
  • The kids taught me the funnest hand games. (family you should be pumped because I will teach them to you so we have something to do in the lines at Disney Land)

Parents please be proud of me. And send your thanks to my homie Nick. I’ve done my brain exercises at least 3 times every single day!! Woot woot.

Also quick late birthday shout out to my favorite brother in law Zach!!

Even though jet lag and culture shock aren’t so fun. India is amazing and I absolutely love it. I love you all!