I can't leave… -Jordyn S.

Follow up first: word to the wise, don't eat the dang airplane food, i threw up. I felt bad for blake and jake cause i was right in the middle of them. but that whole 6 hour flight was miserable. But once i got off I felt amazing! I am pretty sure the chicken just didn't sit well in my stomach and the motion of the airplane didn't work out so well. But my ankle and getting sick was by lows for the trip and from there it has only gone up! Hey everyone GUESS WHAT: I'm in Jibhi, its real its not a joke! I really am here and I really am Making A Difference. (Ask Jake and Blake how many times I have slapped them cause I was just so excited!)

I have been here for a day with the kids and I found twins that I'm in love with. Shabu and Shilee. I can't say goodbye to them I was hugging Shilee at the end of the day and I literally had to pry her off of me. These kids are so amazing and already know so much its insane. There is one kid who has only been in school for 3 days and he fell asleep in Natalie's arms, he is the cutest thing and won't talk to anyone but will steal anything he can get his hands on! But to follow up on my ankle (just for you mom) I am fine! take a deep breath.

I love this place, it is gorgeous in Jibhi even though its covered in garbage. Who would have thought I would ever say that garbage was beautiful! We went shopping for our pant suits today and I was overwhelmed. Mom Ash and I were in the same group and we were thinking that if you and Karen were placed in these shops you would be there for over 6 hours cause there are too many things and you both would want to look through everything! Its amazing how many different options there were to wear!

I walk down the streets and there are cars, people, bikes, sheep, and cows everywhere! Its funny because every time we pass someone or something everyone FREAKS out, yet nothing ever happens! But there will be freak outs every time with out a doubt!

I have so much to say but I don't even know what else to, everything here just isn't describable its just gorgeous. like when we were coming home from shopping, just looking out over the mountains and all the houses spread out through the mountains looked like fireflies. I was in awe! I can't even tell you all back home how amazing it all is!

We are having our nightly meeting tonight and its amazing how much we have already changed, it hasn't even been a full day of being in Jibhi but we have grown and changed so much. We have come closer as a team and stronger as individuals.

I love it and I don't look forward to coming home at all. Sorry friends and family I love you but this is beautiful. But don't worry I'll be telling you everything for about a month after i get back. I mean I have already written 22 pages in my journal, I also started writing things I am thankful for or things I have learned because of YMAD and I am already up to 57, given 1/2 of them are just everyone that is here in India with me right now. Its amazing. I can't tell you enough, its perfect here!

+Brooke has the picture of me and Shilee so hopefully that will be up soon, because that will be my screen saver forever no doubt about it!

xoxo Jordie