I am overwhelmed with the Beauty! by Brian Thomas

India is awesome! In fact beyond description! My job on the team is logistics and support. I also am learning to be a cinematographer! Its a bit out of my league but I am having fun! Looking through the camera all the time I have come to love how visual this country and people are. Every where is an image or photo!

Today I was at a school and our team was doing medical exams. Some of the local people were just watching us. An older women was close by and I kept looking at her and thought to myself how great it would be if I could capture her image. A bit later one of the teachers asked if we could give her a medical evaluation, so we did. I got the courage to ask If I could capture her image and she brought a young woman who could have been her daughter over and I got my photo! When I showed her the image she just started laughing and was so happy! A bit later she pointed out a man who I assumed was her husband sitting on the wall watching as well! She nudged me over and wanted me to get his image as well! It was done!
We are having the experience of a life time! I am so grateful to be here!