I Am Not Coming Home - Rebekah Petersen



Well I have decided that I am not coming home.  Sorry Mom and Dad, I don't think that I can leave India.  So here is my plan, I will take lots of drugs so that they will send me to the hospital, then I will escape into the mountains and slowly collect all my children, they will all be fluent in english within days.  There are simply too many things about being here that I love!  The sights, the smells, the tastes, the people, the views,  the food,  the car rides, the all the animals,  and most of all, our kids!  My heart is exploding with love for these kids!  I didn't  know that you could love someone so much after just spending a few short days with them.   It was really interesting though because the first day or two they were not quite sure what to think about us because we are the first YMAD group here in Sundernagar.  And I wonder if we are the first white people that they have interacted with.  but now they are all over us!  I have never been tickled so much in my life!  Sometimes I just sit and think about them and smile.  I can't wait to go back on monday and tuesday and play with them tell drop!