Hurry! Get me a stick.

At random moments I wonder, why have I committed to 60 hours of straight travel, sleeping in an aluminum emergency sleeping bag, taking cold bucket showers and squatting when the butterflies come out (every teenage boy knows girls don't poo). For the past four days I have been witnessing our YMAD teen's continual selflessness, accepting attitudes and white & shiny smiles, despite the twenty people that went without sleeping bags or clean clothes for days. Not one word of complaint. My faith is restored while watching Team B.A. work with the children in the Thanah school. Diligent in their cause to make a difference here in India, the success can be seen when the children's faces light up as we walk in each morning and the huge smiles as we leave and tell them we will see them tomorrow!
The children have so much fun with Taylor, hanging off of him like he's a tree. Who knew he was such a gentleman, every day we have taken 50 lb dufflebags full of supplys to the school, he has packed them up the mile hike. Kim's sweet smile and kind interactions make it a welcoming environment for everyone. The love Paige has for them is written in her beautiful smile; the children are immediately drawn to her. The hardwork and dedication Zach has put into YMAD for the past ten months shows in his lessons he has prepared. And last but not  least Linsey, she's a rockstar. Everything she has put her mind to= success. She has a way of engaging the children and having fun.
They have learned to work as a team and overcome the many obstacles that have already come our way. My touching moment of the day was when little 4 year old Soneck took both my cheeks in his hands, looked me straight in the eyes and started talking to me in mixed Hindi. No one could understand what he was saying..but I knew.  "You are my Ginger Angel, even with the dispute of whether or not you have a soul."
I know Holi has been talked about but seriously?!? A shout out to all who joined in the waterfall shower afterwards, proves we all can't be completely sane.
Oh, and to all of Team Zinda, now you have met "your Indian kids",  now you know how I feel about you, you are "my kids". I love India.
Janese Fotheringham