this has been such a adventure. we have had some great times and some crazy times too. for example one of the craziest thing that happened was on last flight up to dharamshala got delayed not once but thrice. we were to leave delhi at 10:30 but didn't until 1:30 but hey no problem with that i got a free lunch... it was curry!!! i loved it but i had to eat in seconds because right after i got it they said our flight was cleared to go. I love the adventure we have had so far and can't wait of the next thing. But okay the real thing that goes with the title... how can a little thing make such a huge difference in the end. today we were teaching the girls body parts and we saw we had packed chalk. so we like, hey we can trace the girls and then they can color all the different body parts and tell us what they are. the girls were such in love with the chalk... the chalk was that little thing. we all ended up being traced and colored... we all had a place on the the floor. (luckily we are that small of a group) well  after covering the entire floor with drawings of everyone and suns, flowers and stars. some body... MICHAEL thought hey why not go slapped a hand full of chalk on lindsey face... thanks to him and her getting him back everyone ended up covered in chalk... we had a late hold festival in India... who can say they have done that.... I LOVE IT!!!  what was the huge difference that the little thing made it so easy for us to get to know the girls and be able to make connections with them so they won't be shy with us anymore cause that is what always make the difference... no barriers of being shy.


so side note of the trip so far... i am just like my father i have had a camera out, at all times of the day. nothing has gotten by me so far its has only been the one day and i have gotten over 2500 pictures of everyone and their dog... hahah no just kidding about the dogs part. i only have pictures of everyone here having the time of their lives. THANKS DAD for letting take your camera it has been amazing to have here... i really understand how you feel about taking a nice camera. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS A THING!!!


i am not sure if any of this makes sense because i am not the best writer but even if i was i know that the words i could have said would even come close to enough to tell everyone how amazing this place is and how grateful i am to have been able to come here... I am so in love with this place already, its crazy!


the crazy one with a camera