Hoooli -Isobel

Isobel Sorensen

This morning local children, some our pupils, wiped layers of chalk on our faces with unconditional enthusiasm in the name of Holi. Stewie, Carolyn, Kip and I hiked up the mountain, past our school, in search of more of our children. The trail clings to the slopes as it winds back into small, but steep hidden valleys. The ridges rise, an absolute green, terraced, scattered  with dark, massive pines and a few cherry blossoms. Homes are shingled, colorful, and occasional, strung along heights and nestled in valley depths.

A few kids spotted us from their home far above, shouting and waving, they quickly scuttled down the mountain. It was Sonya, bringing her unfamiliar sister. Can't remember or pronounce her name for anything. Sonya adores Carolyn, embraced her. This is a beautiful place, and a magical time of life. Yes sir.