Home at Last!

I know you are all waiting anxiously a post from the team. They arrived in Chamba, they are happy and very very tired. They are moving into their rooms, sorting out their supplies and getting ready to spend the next day with the children in their villages. It takes a day longer to get to the Himalayas than it does to get to West Bengal. Once the team arrived they discovered that the internet was down. It may take some time getting it back up. I am sure they will find a way to start posting late tonight. (Which is their Tuesday morning) For now they are viewing the most beautiful mountains and taking in the sights, food and sounds of India. The boys are all sleeping in the Yoga room on the 3rd floor. The girls are on the second floor sharing 2 rooms, with 2 single beds in each room and a bathroom. It is very cozy. They are all happy and healthy and getting along great.