Higher than the clouds

India is breathtaking. I still can’t even believe that I am here! I have fallen in love with everything and everyone here. Every day is a new experience and it just keeps getting better. The first day, when my team arrived at the school all the kids immediately came up to us and kissed our feet. This made me tear up because even though they had never met us before, the way they greeted us showed us the utmost right respect. The people here are so welcoming and so nice. It really amazes me how giving they are to people who they have never met. Mihar, the school where I teach has become my favorite place.Today we were able to teach in the clouds. So I am actually pretty excited that I can now say that I have been in and touched a cloud. Now, I know everyone says this BUT I really do have the cutest kids!! Three kids in particular have stolen my heart. Ukti is a four year old girl who literally looks exactly how I looked when I was a pre-schooler. She is incredibly smart and has the most contagious laugh! Although me and Kaleb now fight over her, the bond that me and her have will never be broken. Shistina is another four year old girl who acts like me. She is THE most sassiest and stubborn little girl. She is that little girl who does whatever she wants whenever she wants! She and Ukti always fight to hold my hand but Shistina is more aggressive and will push any other kid who tries to hold my hand. It was so cute to see how protective she was of me after only knowing me for a day. The last kid who has stolen my heart is a three year old named Rohit. The first day when we were at the school, he would not smile at all! Soon after he warmed up to me he couldn’t stop smiling. For the most part he is very quiet but when he learns something and knows the answer to one of my questions, he lights up and yells the answer out! His smile is by far one of the most pure smile I have ever seen. Teaching the lessons is always interesting. But I love being able to see catch on to something and then get so happy when they know that they got it right.  All the kids here are so innocent. I love being able to spend my days with them. They are changing my life and making me a better person. I really can’t even imagine having to day goodbye. I am dreading that day already. I am taking in every moment and have officially decided that I am never coming home! Sophia Wilson

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