Hi Mom, Guess What!

Hi mom. I lost all of my medication on the plane.There was a screaming baby competition on our long flight that was hard to hear over the violently snoring man right behind me (family: think mom, but ten times louder, through a megaphone). Our last flight got delayed a couple hours and we got to Nishtha at 6 am, and I've yet to rest since, which brings my sleep since Thursday morning to a grand total of five hours. My allergies are acting up a ton, and I've never been so constantly sweaty in my life, but I've never felt so happy to be somewhere than I am right now. Three words to describe India? Smelly, smoggy, and honking. It's unreal. I love it. I think it's illegal to drive a scooter or car here without honking your horn every 3 seconds. Once we got to Nishtha we unpacked and got settled, and since we had a long time until lunch, we went outside and started exploring. Kids from the area were following us, and we started playing with 5 or 6 of them in the field right by the Nishtha building. Soon there were at least 40 kids, and it was SO fun.. They looooved duck duck goose. Indian kids are the most beautiful children. Hey mom- I hope you're okay with a couple new family members once I get home. I don't think I'll be able to leave them here. Sorry. After lunch we had a candle lighting ceremony, where the women of Nishtha dotted our foreheads, sang, and had us each light a candle. After we performed two songs and our group dance for them, Annie turned on music and we got to dance with all of the women, which I obviously loved. There was this girl who I danced with the whole time.. We had a connection. lol. She kept saying "Very nice" and "God bless you" and it was the sweetest thing in the whole world. Anyway, I love it here and it's super fun and I haven't gotten kidnapped. Yet. Cross your fingers!!!

Xoxoxoxoxoxo Jenna Rasmussen Shoutout to Emma, Zach, Calvin, Caroline, hdc, and cooper. And my family I guess.