Hey Everyone!

India has been incredible so far. Specifically teaching the kids at our schools. At first our group was nervous and scared as we drove over to the school for the first time. All of that apprehension disappeared though when we saw our kids. As we came down the hill to meet them, they cheered and clapped for us. Just seeing their smiling faces made me really happy and confident about teaching them. When I actually began to teach them though my confidence was multiplied. I brought out my flashcards to teach them and it seamed that they new them perfectly the first time we went through them. They were remarkably smart and eager to learn. Throughout the day, they really tried hard to learn everything and I could see that what we were doing was very important to them. They were genuinely appreciative of what we have been doing and I am very excited that I will be able to help improve their lives for a week.

Love, Matt Hogan