Hello to everyone reading the blog!

Hello to everyone reading the blog. I am going to write about all of my experiences throughout the last few days. Well, maybe not everything, just a few excerpts. So the airplane ride across the Pacific Ocean was pretty dang awesome. We rode coach but it felt like we were riding first class. They gave everyone on the plane a new pair of socks. Each seat has a television where I watched about 4 movies and played a bunch of video games. I didn’t really sleep that much. We arrived at Delhi at 5 or 6 in the morning, it felt like it was already noon because I had been up for so long already. We went to church in the morning and then we went to a McDonalds where they had no hamburgers, only sausage and chicken. The driving here is nuts. We have not hit anything yet but there have been a lot of close calls. Oh, by the way, Mom and Dad I am taking a lot of pictures. Then we got on a train and I slept all night. Woke up in the morning and got into cars. Five minutes into the ride, Parker pulls out some beef jerky and offers it to everyone in the car, even the driver. It was so funny because Hindi people do not actually eat cow. The driver took a bite and then threw it out the window. So it is going good, I have to sum this up because we are about to go to bed. So, the food is alright, the kids are stinkin cute and fun, and the scenery is amazing.

With Love,

Austin Averett