Hello Chamba! - James Baird

Well after almost 40 hours of non-stop travel we have finally arrived safely to Chamba. What a great feeling it is to be back here. Even if this is premature to say I can confidently declare that the very best part of my trip was being reunited with my girls from Kullu, Poonam and Lata. Two years ago I was able to spend four months with these brilliant and beautiful girls. They were in our home for girls that we started

It amazes me how so much time can pass but when you reunite with memories and people it’s like no time has passed at all. I am not going to lie… I was super nervous to come back to India because I didn’t know if I was ready to reconnect with some memories and experiences but just seeing those two girls and erased all of my anxiety.

I have gotten to see some of my best friends since I have been back like Raj and Rakesh two great men who make YMAD work. With out them there would be no YMAD.

I just want to thank all the people who made this expedition possible like my mom who trained us. My sister Eden who managed and figured out how to get us all over here. My dad who set everything up and had the vision to create what our expedition would look like. I love my support team, and even though my aren’t physically here I can feel them in ever aspect of this expedition.

James Baird