Hello Americans!

Hello Americans! How are you? Good, me too. India? I thought we were going to Indiana!? shoot! It is really awesome to go foreign in India! These past 2 days have been a complete blur for me, I don’t even know what time it is! The plane rides were very interesting in their own ways. They got worse and worse as we went on, till we finally flew in on our 4th flight into Kolkata, where the airport wasn’t even built yet! Now that we are finally done with traveling, it is smooth sailing.....until we have to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow morning!! I guess that’ll be like 6 PM back in the US of A. I just wanna say that it is so awesome here, and i love it! I’ve never been in a stranger place, and it seems like I’m in a movie. The people here are nice, especially the herds of stray dogs that greeted us at the airport. One downfall is that I’m still kinda iffy on how to use the bathrooms...but that’s ok. Well it’s almost time for dinner (so far the food is great), so I’ll have to chat with y’all later.

-Logan Hardy