Having the time of my life!

Emma 1 Emma 2 Emma 3Well, it has been quite a few exciting past couple of days!! So to start off, our plane got delayed in SLC by an hour so when we landed in California we literally had to run like the devil was at our heels. WITH 15 POUND BAGS ON OUR BACKS…….. It was insane. We barely made it onto our flight! So I sat next to Kayley Cheminant on the 12 hour flight to Seoul, which was good! The plane had some way good movies on it so that was awesome! Then we got on another 6 hour flight and I sat by Kayley again and I was KNOCKED OUT that flight. I slept pretty much the whole time. So then we got on another 6 hour flight to Singapore and I sat next to a stranger and Kayley and that was thee freakiest thing of my life. So creepy. (Details when I get home mom…) But then we got on another one hour flight to Chandagarh I sat in between two strangers and one of the guys next to me was telling me how easy it is to buy alcohol in India and how the weed there was better than anywhere else and told me to tell all my friends… hahahahahahahaha!! He was a pretty nice guy though, so its all good! The 8 hour bus ride up to Jibhi was extremely eye opening. I have only 4 words to describe it… TRASH. EVERYWHERE… and … CULTURE. SHOCK. Holy crap. Watching the little kids walking around digging and picking through the trash was the saddest thing of my life. It makes you so grateful for what you have. So we sleep in these way nice rooms that have bathrooms and beds, so praise the Lord about that. Our school is the closest to our camp so we just hike about 5 minutes to get there, and it is absolutely gorgeous. There were people walking around the village playing drums all throughout the day and it was so amazing. Today I was team leader so I was able to walk around and watch everyone teach and help out with everyone which I loved. It was good to see and learn from people teaching. I really bonded with this 1st grader girl named Hersha she is thee cutest thing ever. Anyways, that’s all I really want to say other than the shopping here is amazing. Hahahaha I’m in heaven… Well I love you all!! Im having the time of my life!:) Until next time!

Emma Chandler