Having a Great Time: Emilie

Some days are long some days go by fast.  Everyday I see something new whether it be flowers, food people, etc.  Teaching children is so much fun because they all love you so much.  it’s cool trying all the different foods at the homes in the villages.  The car rides in Tatas are o much fun, with the music and passing of other cars.  Still no bag yet buy it’s not so bad.  The only thing is not having my clothes.  Been here for about a week now, This trip is going so fast!

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India is so different from any place I’ve ever been! The food is actually a lot better than I expected, and it isn’t as hot as I thought it would be. I love the girls here! Some of them speak English very well! They ask me to tell princess stories and they talk to me about how they want to be teachers or doctors when they grow up. One even wants to be a pilot! She says she’ll fly me back to India when I’m older. They sometimes pretend to not know anything though haha and I teach an entire lesson and find out at the end that they knew it all. In the village the kids are so cute and they keep giving me drawings and flowers as presents. Every day we get to visit houses in the village and see how they live. Some of the houses are really nice. One house we went to, we were talking to the husband, and he started to cry because his daughter has a hole in her heart and the surgery is a lot of money. They applied for a loan but the check never came. It was so sad!! The girls love to sing girls camp songs and play games like Down By The Banks or Duck Duck Goose. It’s so fun when they teach us Bengali words, but I know we aren’t supposed to speak Bengali with them— only English. The girls drew henna on my hand today, and they’re so good at it!!

I love you all, and can’t wait to tell you more when I blog next! I’ll see you in nine days! Goodnight,