Haso.(smile) - Elliot Anderson

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So far it has been an eventful trip, I slept walked on the plane, I accidentally dropped my camera off of a 400 foot cliff, and I fell in love. Coming to India has been an experience that I could not have prepared myself for. Every day something surprising happens that I never could have imagined.. like dropping my camera. Sorry mom. And dad.

I’m convinced that my school and ashram are the best. All of the kids at our school are under the age of 8 and most are in the 5-6 range. Our ashram is all-guy and they are all about the age of 12. Today we bought the kids in our ashram a cricket bat and a couple balls and played a full game of cricket! Nate and I were partners and we won the game without either of us striking out.

At the school we have been teaching our english lessons and playing games. Teaching is a lot different from what I thought it would be like, it’s really fun. The kids love the games that we play and want to play them all day long, today it was hard for them to let us leave because the wanted to play games all day and night. I never knew that I could love these kids as much as i do.

Our living area is so great! All the guys sleep in one room which makes for a lot of bad smells but also a lot of good memories. We have a large dining hall where we eat all of our meals and congregate but it is outdoors and it can get really cold but it’s great. I took my first bucket shower tonight and I think it is really nice! It can get really cold at night and so the warm water feels like nothing I could have ever imagined.

It is still so weird to me that we are in India and all of the last 9 months of boiled down to these two weeks. It feels great to be loving these kids and helping them out and it’s really cool to actually see the difference that we are making. well see ya later.