Harmony & Chaos

India can be summed up in two contradicting words: harmony and chaos.

Right as we arrived “shindia” happened; 30 of our bags, including my own personal bag, were missing. After leaving the airport two hours later we hit the roads of Kolkata. I was immediately taken back as I saw trash in piles, people sleeping under overpasses or in the road, stray dogs, and slums. It didn’t get much better the next day when we went to get some emergency clothes and cars wove in and out of traffic (they don’t have traffic laws) and almost hit me and the rest of my team.

However, this place and its people are amazing. I have never met kids that truly show such raw compassion and friendliness towards others until I arrived in India. Every second they strive to impress you or give you some kind of gift that is so simple yet could bring tears to anyone’s eyes. I still struggle with the girl’s names at the Main Day Boarding School and they often laugh when I try to  pronounce them but I’ll get there.

Now a couple shoutouts:

Shoutout to Mom & Dad for being the best parents out there, I love you!

Shoutout to Dan Reese on the Hong Kong flight.

Shoutout to Abjhit for cooking the best curry in all of West Bengal.

Shoutout to Cali Felts for executing THE secret.

Love y’all, see you soon!!