Happy Place (Madeline W.)


When most people describe their happy place, it is usually a beach or their room, or somewhere comfortable and relaxing. My happy place has quickly transformed from a sunny beach in California to an elementary school located on the edge of a cliff in a rural village in the Himalayan Mountains. This trip has beyond exceeded my expectations. The experiences we are having are indescribable and it is only the third day. Every morning we cross our fingers and take a jeep ride on the scariest road in the world. When we finally reach Kalsuin, (our school) we are greeted by thirty-one adoring children. Connections with these children are so easy to make and they love you endlessly. I know I will never forget them.

Teaching the kids is one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done. They are so willing to learn but the unfortunate language barrier often makes it hard to communicate. Seeing them grow has been such a blessing to me. These children are so smart and the smile they get when they understand is priceless. My village group is absolutely amazing and they work so hard to make everything come together. James, Jessie, and Ethan save our lives. It is such a comfort to have them around and they are fantastic with the kids. Sierra, Kenna, Amy, and Lauren have become some of my closest friends. We all work together to somehow perform a task that seems to be completely out of our reach.

I realize now how much there is to be done. We are doing something amazing and I know now why we come. I could not be happier because I am convinced I get to help and spend time with the happiest, kindest, most loving and humble children in the world.