Happy in the Himalayas--Tracey's Team

We are having so much fun here--it really is a wonderful, happy, place to be.  We are having the time of our lives! Our school is called Kandi, and the children are so grateful and happy.  Today when we entered our school, the kids were cheering for us from along way off, they were so happy to see us and it made us very happy.  We had a very successful time, teaching lessons, playing games, playing ball and really enjoying ourselves.  Today Atalee used her leadership skills and improvised by providing the kids with a lesson on the days of the year.  Jordan loves having fun with "The Boys" playing games and being encouraging, teaching all the kids how to share.  Brigham was great and keeping us organized and everything moving along smoothly.  Blake was extremely patient with the children. We got out balloons, and all the kids were very excited to play with them and Blake helped them by being so calm and helping the kids get a balloon.  Emily is very good at keep the kids attention, with well-planned lessons.  Kayley had fun making people out of wooden sticks, and she is very good at doing "make believe" with our wooden figures and making the people "go to sleep". She was so cute teaching them basic words that we all take for granted.  I am really proud of these beautiful, patient, kind, energetic, giving, loving, caring, fun, "happy", teens that I have had the opportunity to be around.  I feel like a proud parent of six new teens. (oh ya, sorry about the adjectives, but teaching English, you just gotta love using words).  haha.  Great work!  I love my six new leaders and my 30 new indian kids. Tracey Praag

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