Happy Easters

Ha, yes, this is a beautiful experience. It has finally taught me how to exist in a moment, rather than the span of a lifetime. I haven't found words to describe these feelings, because I cant fully comprehend what they are yet. I do know that these are the feelings I want to keep forever. Each of the people in this expedition are luminescent, and the children perhaps more so. The children danced and sang for us yesterday, at our school, and the desks we bought for them just arrived. But these days can't be enough. I want to see these kids grow up. To see what becomes of them and know them more fully. To see if Nisha becomes a dancer, Vikas a policeman, or Kavita a nurse.Heh, I'm going to try to call you now, but I believe ye just went to church. But this is an absolutely happy week.

Also, we had mashed potatoes and fried chicken for dinner tonight. E!

Happy Easter!- Izzy Sorenson