Happy As The Sun

hello fans. I am back.

and i'm more in love and my heart is full

today we had to say goodbye to the house of learning girls.

and it was amazing. like yeah it sucked and i was bawling the whole time but it was amazing. we all sat in a circle and katie had raj translate to the girls. which was awesome because i couldn't think if any better way to say everything katie did to the girls. she is amazing. and i look up to her so much. but when we were saying goodbye to the girls. pooja my home girl takes off her gold bracelet and gives it to me. i lost it. last year sunita did the same thing. so i gave my girls my ring, my bracelets, and a little note that i wrote them. these girls are so beautiful i cannot handle it. then we were all just sitting there crying so i started saying happy happy happy and neha was laughing so hard. they started smiling and being happy and it was amazing. how much these girls care about us just as much as we care about them!

pooja was writing in my journal and she wrote me a novel. she is such a beautiful writer and so meaningful she wrote poems, and kind words and everything. they are all so smart. again it amazes me.

they are beautiful

they amaze me

they are so smart

and i love them with all my heart.

its only 10:30 pm right now but that's all i can write to describe these girls.

i love you all at home.

cookie i got your picture of the mountains.

sophie i have the sickest vest and you're gonna be jealous!!

rara i rode on the sketchiest plane and i have to tell you about it.

melodie i am giving it my all.

mom i am going to cry even harder this year so be prepared.

family i love you.

coworkers i miss you.

everyone i am 99% sure i have malaria because i have 1 million bug bites and they all are so bad so that's a cool souvenir right?


xoxo jordie