Happiness is Bliss - Caleigh Burton

Caleigh:Tamanna I’m leaving a bigger piece of my heart in India this time. This past week aside from teaching the Temple girls and teaching at the Ira Public School, we have been painting the Kalsuin Orphanage. The madam greeted me with one of the most thankful hugs I have ever received. Cheek next to cheek and ear to ear smile. I was painting the orphanage next to the kitchen and I looked in and she smiled up at me. This tiny moment will forever be remembered because of the gratitude in her eyes. She was thankful for everything that we did. Everything this past year was paid off in a very small moment. While we were painting, a couple girls from the orphanage picked flowers and put them in the braid in my hair. I had a total of 12 flowers.  They loved me selfishly from the moment I met them.

Last fall my YMAD team taught in the Ira school. Ira has a board on the wall that says, “Our Sweet Memories” They have a picture of some of my team and the kids hung up. I asked the kids if they remembered my friends from last year that taught with them and they all lit up and smiled. It’s true that we change our lives, but more importantly we make a difference and impression on these kids.

I was helping in a workshop and working with Tamanna from Ira. She is very brilliant and has great English. I can carry on a conversation with her and it isn’t hard for either of us. We were practicing writing sentences and I asked, “Tamanna, what makes you excited?” She replied with a sparkle in her eye, “I got excited when I met you.”

The Temple girls are the sweetest. A couple of times I will see a girl staring at me from across the room. I’ll stick out my tongue and she’ll copy. I’ll flare my nostrils and she’ll copy. I’ll wiggle my ears and she stops and doesn’t know what to do.

I am glad I have another week here because I am not ready to leave. I love using the squatters, not having my bag for five days, being in the heat with our bodies so sticky we stick to each other, having people take pictures of us, having my body be scanned by old men, and hiking the hill several times a day. I love it. There is no place I would rather be. I love my team, the kids, the teachers, the Himalayas, the goofy faces, laughs, and smiles. I am grateful for the timing of this in my life. Sometimes I don’t know if what I am doing is right or not. I can say that I know that I am doing things right in my life and I am proud of how I am living my life. I am one happy person. I’ll be back to India. I love it too much not to come back.