Hannah Hall-First day here.

Today has been a crazy tiring day. We have finally arrived in Chamba! After countless hours on multiple planes and many hours driving in cars. It feels so nice to be done with planes for a while. The driving in the cars were like something I have never experienced before. In my car there was the driver and 6 of us youth. I had no expectations of what I was going to see but it definitely shocked me on how many people were on the street, how fast everyone drove, and how many cows there are everywhere. My favorite part of the day was when we were stuck in traffic and a bus full of kids was inches away from us. While we were stopped I was taking a picture of the bus and the bus driver had all the kids come to the window so I could take a picture of them. Everywhere we drove people stared at us. They were all really friendly and waved at us. I am so excited to start teaching the kids tomorrow! I know that this experience is going to be life changing.

Hannah Hall