Half a world away

11/19/2011 Well we’ve made it to Delhi. What an amazing trip. Hard to imagine that you can be on the other side of the world in roughly 24 hours. It is 2:53 am in Dehli and 2:23 pm in Salt Lake. Right now we are staying in a 12 bedroom guest house about 30 minutes from the Dehli airport. Everyone had been able to shower and clean up a little before we head off again for the last leg of the trip. We will go back over to the airport at 4:30 and board the flight to Calcutta and then catch a bus to Baruipur. The flight should be a couple of hours and then maybe 2 hours driving and we will be at our base camp. We had a very unique opportunity on the drive from Calcutta to Baruipur. We were met by two women Christine and Sherri and they had heard about YMAD through the NISHTA women’s rights and education group and they were also investigating the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. SO.. these two women knew that some of the people in our group were LDS and invited us to church. We were able to attend an LDS sacrament meeting in a little branch with about 12 people who attend ( on a busy day ). Needless to say it was a wonderful experience to be with these faithful members and I am sure is was an unforgettable experience for the teens in our group. After that we continued on and arrived at NISHTA in the early afternoon. In fact there was a family from Mapleton, UT visiting the branch and they were familiar with the work that YMAD is doing. It really is Youth Making a Difference – worldwide!! Chad