Haley Eldredge

Why we’re here: I clamored out of the familiar jeep with my usual grace, or lack of. “Follow James.” so I did. We walked down the steep street with careful steps, trying not to fall down the hill. Oncoming traffic swirling around us.. Our group came to a stop in front of a tin and brick shack. Roof falling apart, walls slanted to the side, mud as the décor. “This is the time where we get to take a look at the girls, we’ll do introductions. For those who haven’t met them, you will get to meet the girls tonight before we start lessons tomorrow.”

Destiny: Her dad was a pilot. She missed her father very much when he was away on trips. Every once and a while, to ease her sadness, he would bring her home keepsakes from some of the places he would visit… A porcelain doll from Paris, a stuffed animal from Germany, a bracelet from Mexico, and a painted box and carved elephant from India..

And that’s all it took.. An interest that sparked something in me.. Burning, growing with each passing year. I always felt that I needed to come to this place but now I know why-  Those girls. Never have I felt such purpose.

Karma: many cultures view karma in different ways. Americans believe that it means you do something good and good comes from it, you do something bad and you will have something bad happen to you in return.. The Asian culture however see’s karma in a different light. They see it as meaning that you are in the right place at the right time. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have reached Karma.. That finally I am in the right place at the right time.

Dear India: Good luck getting rid of me, for you will always have a place in my heart… Love Haley