Hailee Radman

There are no words to describe the amazing time I am having here in India. It is crazy to see how the people here live, but at the same time they seem so happy. I have had so much fun working in both our village school and Nishtha’s day boarding school. The other day we did a workshop and taught the kids about the importance of good hand washing. When I gave them soap to use they were so excited, and they each spent like five minutes to wash their hands. Being here has really showed me how much we take for granted. The other day when we took the girls to the museum and watched the imax movie, I have never seen anyone so excited to watch a movie. My little brother watches a movie almost everyday, and these girls have never had that opportunity. I knew I was blessed, but being here has really showed me how much I really have. I am loving it here, and time is going by too fast. Today was my birthday and my village school had a celebration for me. I had my face painted and they even had cake for me. Some of the girls gave me presents like coconuts and bracelets they had made. It was definitely one of my best birthdays. I miss everyone at home, but I am sad we only have a week left before it is time to come home!